Ana Balica

Hi, I'm Ana.

I'm a software developer. I mostly do Python. This blog is about my adventures with code, travel experiences and relevant life events. I try not to take myself too seriously.

Here's what I'm doing now.

Occasionally I give talks.

Please don't take my words for granted, because Internet is full of bad advice, and I might be part of it inadvertently.


Last updated on March 18th, 2024.

  • I am living in London, UK with bumbu.
  • I have a baby toddler now.
  • Still working at Meta as a Software Engineer.
  • Currently knitting Super Easy Baby Blanket in Morning by Purl Soho. I'm on my 4th colour out of 7. Otherwise very tempted to start the Levitate Wrap or the Big Cozy Cardi. Since last time I finished a pair of fingerless gloves, a vest for the toddler and a crochet market bag.
  • I'm prepping for a 10k Spartan race, so I'm running and doing weight lifting.
  • I play squash sometimes. Still enjoying climbing.
  • Recommended series of lectures: Awakening from the Meaning Crisis.

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