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Python Moldova Meetup #3

Quite recently we organized our third Python Moldova Meetup. We also have updated the official Python wiki page and added Python Moldova to the list. Meanwhile Python Moldova Community exists over a year and counts 154 members at the moment. Though the number of members vaguely defines the Python involvement rate in Moldova.

Python Moldova Meetup

We didn’t grow yet to give any pseudo-official talks with prepared presentation and extra 5 minutes for questions from the audience. At the moment it’s easier to get people out for a drink in a pub. We were lucky to find a quiet public place during the weekend, where we could discuss different Python-related topics.

At first, we debated over pros and cons of adapting Python as the main programming language for Informatics course in schools. Apparently not every country has Informatics as a mandatory course in their curriculum. Moldova does. So far we had Basic Pascal. From a specific point of view, it might not be necessary to change the language – learning programming is not about the syntax. But… but… it’s so trendy to have Python in schools. In the end we compiled a list of advantages to use Python as introductory language in schools: REPL, clean syntax, indentation as language feature, good standard library, online IDEs for Python, gaming libraries. I assume the decision will be taken in about a year. I would like to see kids playing around with Python in schools.

Python Moldova Meetup

We did our small improvised Python Module of the Week with an accent on “tools that changed my life”, agreed on the fact that there are no popular podcasts about Python, talked about females in programming world. The gender question in CS is always acute due to the difficulty of balancing between encouraging females and not discouraging males. None of the present males at the meeting, who were the big majority, expressed any discomfort or annoyance while working with females in IT.

Python Moldova Meetup

Overall it was a nice outing with smart people. To everybody who joined us, I am glad you were there. To everybody who didn’t, you owe us a presentation for the next meetup :P

P.S. All pictures are kindly provided by Ilona Sergheevna, reporter and wannabe programmer who joined us at Python Moldova Meetup.