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Developers at Eco Village

Eco Village supports the idea that sustainable lifestyle can be revived in rural area of Moldova with the effort of the community. It’s also an NGO and a great bunch of people.

It’s pretty cool how people with strong vision can make things happen. At the moment on the edge of Rascova village a big construction site is in action. There are regular workers and volunteers. There is a in-progress building for cohousing (concept that describes how groups of people decide to live next to each other, sharing some of the common space), training center for local community, meditation center and other adjacent constructions. Along with the Eco Village, the founders of the project are offering a house for volunteers, who want to stay more than one day.

Eco Village 1 Eco Village 1 Eco Village 1

I have found out about Eco Village accidentally, right during the time I was searching for a rent in a village. This is not an easy task to accomplish, since apparently nobody thinks that some youngsters would like to come over. Therefore there are no postings about renting property outside of the urban area.

And so 2 developers took their backpacks and winter coats in early September to go to Eco Village. We have spent 4 days being welcomed by the hosts of the volunteer house. The everyday routine included biking, some work on site and coding. During those days we were interested in finding the perfect combination for building earth blocks. Earth blocks are a mixture of clay, soil and other supplements, compressed and left to dry. They are a pretty nice alternative to bricks, earth blocks being environmentally friendly, non-toxic and much cheaper. I imagine getting back after a year and seeing what was build out of those.

Eco Village 1 Eco Village 1

Overall it was nice to get out from the city for a while and find a peaceful place to stay. We are thankful for the people who gave us the opportunity and are wishing good luck to Eco Village